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Petawawa Timeline

  • 1934
    Petawawa bridge built.
  • 1935
    Once again Camp Petawawa used as Prisoner of War Camp.
  • 1939
    Roman Catholic Church builds St Lukes school.
  • 1939
    Electricity introduced to Petawawa Township.
  • 1940
    At peak of WWII 20,000 Troops were being trained at Camp Petawawa.
  • 1951
    Camp Petawawa becomes permanent base.
  • 1952
    Roman Catholic stone church built and dedicated as Our Lady of Sorrows.
  • 1999
    Silver Dart arena & Base HQ torn down, time capsule found in corner stone.
  • 2000
    Millennium project trail built; Expansion to trail up Laurention Drive.
  • 2003
    Town election Bob Sweet remains on as Mayor.
  • 2004
    Mayor of Petawawa becomes Reeve of Renfrew County.
  • 2005
    100th Anniversary of CFB Petawawa, Time capsule placed in tank by Petawawa Heritage Society, Heritage Society open room in Base Museum to tell history of town prior to the Base coming. Heritage Village broke ground. Our Lady of Sorrows opens new school.
  • 2006
    Town expanding, new subdivision springs up behind Moncions Grocery store, another off Murphy Rd and new street is cleared between Laurention Dr and Petawawa Blvd above Renfrew Street. Base expanding with 700 more military families arriving.
  • 2007
    Town announces new medical clinic. Petawawa Heritage Society opens first historical building at the Heritage Village site. Mayor finishes term of Reeve for Renfrew County.
  • 2008
    New Medical Center opens on Civic Center Rd. Dianne Groehl (Leder) former family who owned Crown Land property Center is built on. Troops prepare for fall rotation to Afghanistan. Giesebrecht’s celebrate 70 years as distributors of Pepsi in Petawawa. Canada Day Shaw’s Lumber Co. launches replica of vintage sq. timber log raft on Ottawa River complete with kitchen shanty.