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Petawawa Timeline

  • 1867
    Mount Zion United Church opens.
  • 1870
    Site for Petawawa Township surveyed, situated at what is now referred to as Petawawa Point.
  • 1875
    St John’s Lutheran’s first log church is built.
  • 1880
    St Matthew’s Lutheran Church built.
  • 1880
    Railway comes to area.
  • 1885
    Gustave Hampel one of the first Germans to settle in Petawawa Township.
  • 1888
    All Saints Anglican Church built.
  • 1895
    SS#4 Petawawa school built.
  • 1897
    St John Lutheran brick church built, old log church was turned into a school.
  • 1899
    Notre Dame de la Baie Catholic Church built at Black Bay.
  • 1900
    First bridge built to serve area north west of Petawawa River.
  • 1905
    Development of Camp Petawawa.
  • 1905
    Test flight at Camp Petawawa, J.A.D. McCurdy Silver Dart. F.W. Baldwin, Dr. Alexander Bell and Wright Brothers also present.
  • 1910
    Giesebrecht's one of the first settlers in the Village of Petawawa, later owned and still today operates Pepsi (soft drink) plant.
  • 1914
    1914-1916 Camp Petawawa used as prisoner of war camp for 750 German Merchant Seamen and Austrian’s.