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Petawawa Timeline

  • 1613
    Samuel de Champlain the explorer set course up the Ottawa River.
  • 1686
    French military expedition led by Chevalier de Troyes en route to capture English fur trading post hailed ashore by Indians at the mouth of the Petawawa River.
  • 1763
    Concept of the Township of Petawawa serving as basis for land occupancy was established in British North America.
  • 1823
    Trading posts established at Fort William across Ottawa River from CFB Petawawa.
  • 1840
    Uniting townships of Alice, Petawawa, Bucanan Rolph & Wylie introduced
  • 1846
    James McGregor first settler in Petawawa Township
  • 1850
    Occupancy of Renfrew County was 6,892 non-permanent class workers employed in lumbering.
  • 1853
    Construction of Mattawa Rd began and completed in 1861.
  • 1856
    Land route opened for settlers via construction of Pembroke and Mattawan Roads.
  • 1857
    Robert Hamilton completed Petawawa Township's first survey at Petawawa Point.
  • 1859
    Petawawa Post Office opened May 01; Master James Young appointed Post Master.
  • 1861
    298 people living in Petawawa Township.
  • 1864
    Township of Petawawa separates from Township of Rolph, Buchanan, Wylie and McKay and called the Municipality of Petawawa.
  • 1865
    First council (by acclimation) for Township of Petawawa: Reeve John Mitchel, Councilors John Rowan, James McGregor, Patrich Higgins & Jonathan Phillips; Clerk Charles Young. (Clerk paid $30.00/yr).
  • 1866
    First election of Council Petawawa Township, 180 people voted. Elected James McGregor Reeve, Councilors: John Rowan, David McLennan, Patrick Higgins & Jonathan Phillips. Clerk Charles Young.